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Success Through Communication Course

You learned how to talk…

but did you learn how to communicate?

The Success Through Communication Course gives 18 exact skills that are the key to success in any endeavor.

Feel confident talking to anyone. Learn to really communicate with people. It is more than just speaking and listening. It is the foundation of your life. But what exactly is it, and how does it really work? The answer to that question is one of the great discoveries of Scientology, a breakthrough that affects virtually every living being. Communication—real communication—can take down the invisible walls that block understanding and prevent happiness and success. Knowledge and skill in communication can change your life almost overnight. Although instinctively considered a vital necessity in living, the principles of communication had never actually been known… Until now.

The Success Through Communication Course gives 18 exact skills based on fundamental Scientology principles. These are the keys to success in any endeavor.

• How to start a conversation

• How to end one smoothly

• How to get your ideas across

• How to handle upsets

• How to be comfortable and confident in anyone’s presence

• And 13 more…

Communication is everything in life. Learn how to really communicate with Scientology.

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Communication is the heart of life. You are as alive as you can communicate.

Enroll on the Success Through Communication Course You learned how to talk ... But did you learn how to communicate?

It doesn’t have to do with just talking and listening. It has to do with the foundation of your life. Factually, it is the most important breakthrough that has ever occurred in communication. Real communication can take down the invisible walls blocking you from being understood and preventing you from attaining the happiness and success you should have. Here is a sampling of what some of our students are saying about the Success Through Communication Course:

“When I finished the first drill on the Success Through Communication Course I felt like I was more in communication with the person I was drilling with than I had been with anyone else in my entire life. I could just comfortably be there, and look him straight in the eye without fear, embarrassment or reservation. I would say it was magic, but I know better. It was my communication skills!” –J.H.

“I noticed during the course that my abilities to communicate improved. I had the intention to improve my ability to communicate before I started the course, and I have achieved that. The course has vastly advanced my abilities.” –T.L.

“People around me seemed to have profound friendships with deep understanding but I felt like mine were ‘shallow.’ I put on a social veneer so people would think I was happy and so I wouldn’t get hurt. But I wasn’t happy. People didn’t understand me and I thought that’s how it would always be. Then I did the Success Through Communication Course. Now I can comfortably be myself with anyone I communicate to and I know they understand me.” –M.S.

Enroll on the Success Through Communication Course

TO COMMUNICATE OR NOT TO COMMUNICATE? If you were to be in thorough and complete communication with a car and a road, you would certainly have no difficulty driving that car. But if you were only in partial communication with the car and in no communication with the road, it is fairly certain that an accident will occur. Most accidents do occur when the driver is distracted by an argument he has had, or by an arrest, or a white cross alongside the road that says where some motorist got killed, or by his own fears of accidents.

It might be seen by someone that the solution to communication is not to communicate. One might say that if he hadn’t communicated in the first place, he wouldn’t be in trouble now. Perhaps there is some truth in this. But there is more truth in the fact that processing in the direction of “making communication unnecessary” or “reducing communication” is not processing at all, but murder.

A man is as dead as he can’t communicate. He is as alive as he can communicate.

With countless tests I have discovered (to a degree which could be called conclusive) that the only remedy for livingness is further communicatingness. One must add to his ability to communicate. For a very great many years, I asked this question: “To communicate or not to communicate?” If one got himself in such thorough trouble by communication, then of course one should stop communicating. But this is not the case. If one gets himself into trouble by communicating, he should further communicate. More communication, not less, is the answer. And I consider this riddle solved after a quarter of a century of investigation and pondering. by L. Ron Hubbard

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